PDlive is committed to creating a healthy and harmonious platform for overseas interactive live broadcast, providing users with high-definition, smooth and rich interactive live video service.

There are high-quality anchor, scenery, outdoor talent and so on.

The mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are in the same day. Make friends without borders, we hope to create happiness with sincerity!

[communication among Chinese is boundless]

The live broadcast platform of overseas Chinese, the live broadcast platform of Chinese style.

[color anchor's variety]

High beauty anchor, from pure school flower, domineering elder sister, to sweet sound girl, style changes, make you dazzled.

[anchor PK Lianmai interaction]

PK between anchors, pick your favorite anchor to win the exclusive Medal of identity.

Interact with the anchor Lianmai, 1v1 chat, speak your heart, make communication easier.

[exquisite video of Haoli special effects]

The latest gifts create a good festival atmosphere.

Share your mood with short video, show your talent, wonderful and colorful.